In good company

Hoiwa Recruitment Services has gained a good reputation with both our employees and clients. We are a provider of top level healthcare professionals.

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A job that suits you

We operate extensively in different cities and municipalities in Finland. Through us, you have access to hundreds of vacancies. We stand out from other players in the industry in that we’re also looking for the best possible workplace and job for you. We want to take the extra time to find the right jobs, instead of trying to fit you into vacancies just to close them. In this way we also strengthen the well-being of our network’s employees at home and work.

Hoiwa Oy on vastuullinen työnantaja

We look forward to hearing from you

Join the good company of Hoiwa professionals. Register via the link above. We’ll be in touch with you and arrange a job interview.

Once you have been selected as a Hoiwa Services Professional, you will be able to get to work even right away most of the time.

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