Why is Hoiwa Recruitment Service trusted?

Hoiwa is a well-known and respected recruitment service provider in the health and social care industry. We are repeatedly selected by organizations and cities to manage recruitment processes as cooperation with us is smooth.

Why is Hoiwa different?

Hoiwa Oy’s operations are based on three entities: values, customer-oriented approach and strong technological know-how. Thanks to the technology developed by Hoiwa Oy, customers can find the right healthcare professional for short and long substitutions faster than before.

We are very active!

Many healthcare recruiters only look for workers in their internal databases to find relevant candidates for your job—we don’t!

We look for the best possible candidate for your job in Hoiwa’s extensive network. We work actively towards finding the right person for the job.

Upon receipt of your recruitment order, we will immediately conduct an extensive survey of the situation of our employees in the area and compile a list of the best candidates for your needs. We will then personally connect with potential hires to be recruited and discuss the assignment with them. At Hoiwa, all employees act tactfully and follow the ethical guidelines of the healthcare industry. This is reflected in all our interactions with both employees and clients. In challenging recruitment cases no stones are left unturned to ensure that the client and the employee meet.


Hoiwa recruiters are proactive and quick to respond!

We at Hoiwa are also using pre-marketing, which the client should take advantage of. We are proactive and tell our network of your future needs in advance. In such cases, an employee who is suitable for the recruitment needs can be found even faster. The recruitment process begins immediately after we have received information about the vacancy. Our good network of contacts and our culture of personal conversations produce results quickly.

Hoiwa Recruitment Service works seamlessly

We manage all aspects of the recruitment process from start to finish. We offer our clients a personal, professional and confidential service. We strictly adhere to the budgets and schedules you provide. 

We guarantee the best result

We are proud of the first-class service we provide and the candidates we represent. Therefore we only aim for the best possible recruitment.

We act honestly and professionally!

We know that it’s important for the care industry to maintain a good reputation in the implementation and upkeep of the entire care chain. That’s why communication at Hoiwa is open. We want to ensure honest and professional cooperation in accordance with our values. The background of all of our employees is also checked in a demanding job interview, because the same values need to be reflected throughout the Hoiwa chain. This is how we guarantee the high quality of our recruitment service. 

E-mail Us: info@hoiwa.fi

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For employees: +358 3 311 92384 (Mon-Fri 10am-12pm)
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