The Story of Hoiwa (2020)

Published on 15.3.2021

Hoiwa is now one year old! Already during our first year of operation we have grown and developed enormously. When we started, we had one office employee and now we have over ten people running Hoiwa. Read Hoiwa’s story told by our founder and CEO Fadumo Ali.


The Story of Hoiwa

My company Hoiwa just turned one year old. Our first year of operation has included significant growth and development. As a social and health care company we have secured the needs of our clients’ practical nurse and registered nurse needs by providing the public and private sectors with healthcare professionals. Through our operations, we have been able to respond particularly to the prevailing shortage of nurses through our operations.

The prestige of the care industry must be raised

My idea to start Hoiwa originated from my experiences in the care industry. After studying to become a Public Health Nurse and for example after being a substitute practical nurse, I am well acquainted with the daily lives of those working in the industry. I felt strongly that the prestige and value of nurse work must be raised in our society. Although most nurses and caregivers really like their work, the hurry, stress and the meager salaries with the high level of responsibility can create burdens and feelings of inadequacy. Many nurses feel that the shortcomings they perceive and experience are the result of a general lack of appreciation in the social and health care industry. There’s currently an acute shortage of nurses in our society. Many of those studying to become nurses seem to be moving out of the industry. To resolve the situation, the care industry needs to be made more attractive – and that’s exactly what I’ve wanted to promote as an entrepreneur. We at Hoiwa not only care about the workforce, we also believe in change!

Respecting employees

Our company makes efficient use of technology and a system that’s based on platform economy, which allows even a large number of nurses to book easily book the shifts they want, without hassle. Now at one year old, the Hoiwa system has over 400 nurses, of which some are already working in the Helsinki metropolitan area in public and private health care, and we are constantly looking for more professionals to join our ranks. Our nurses work in many roles in home care, health centers and hospitals according to the needs of our clients. 

When I was establishing Hoiwa, I wanted to start a company that values its employees above everything else. Our principle is to pay our nurses and caregivers a competitive salary for the valuable work they do. We don’t leave our employees alone either: we answer their questions and take care of their well-being at work. I also think it’s important that our employees can realize their own career dreams. We therefore encourage our nurses and caregivers to develop their skills and train themselves, for example in getting licensed to dispense medicine.

Most of the professionals employed in the field through Hoiwa are native Finns, but there are also immigrants to whom we hope to give the opportunity to work in the industry.

As an employer, I want to be promoting their Finnish language studies. With the help of our multilingual staff who know the terminology of the healthcare industry, we can also offer our clients interpretation services.

Unhurried encounters and quick reactions

We at Hoiwa meet our patients in a multitude of situations. The workdays of our nurses and caregivers can consist of for example vaccinations, home visits to elderly people or psychiatric nursing work. Everything we do is united by our desire to meet with our patients in a leisurely, easygoing manner without hurry and haste. Especially the lives of many elderly individuals can be lonely and in this we can be of help to them, by bringing joy and relief to their days.

I want to help my clients by providing them with skilled and knowledgeable healthcare professionals even on an urgent schedule. In this short time we’ve already gotten many notable clients to serve. I strongly believe that our appreciation for our own employees is positively conveyed to the experiences we give our clients. A healthy and well-doing employee is motivated and resilient.

I am truly happy with my decision to start this kind of a company, through which we are taking the care industry in the right direction. Our journey and development work continue on!

With regards
Fadumo Ali
Founder and CEO, Hoiwa

Fadumo Ali, toimitusjohtaja ja perustaja, Hoiwa Oy

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