The Story of Hoiwa – Stronger than before for an important mission

Published on 15.3.2022

It has only been two years since Hoiwa was founded. These two years have brought circumstances that none of us could have foreseen. Read Hoiwa’s story told by our founder and CEO Fadumo Ali.


The Story of Hoiwa – Stronger than before for an important mission

It has only been two years since Hoiwa was founded. These two years have brought circumstances that none of us could have foreseen. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the healthcare industry in an unprecedented way and concerns about the health of healthcare workers have increased. In addition, the current world situation is frightening and creates uncertainty for us all.

Despite these difficult times, we’re happy and grateful that through Hoiwa we’ve been able to play our part and create faith in the healthcare industry. Resilient and caring healthcare professionals are needed and Hoiwa’s work is valued, which is reflected in Hoiwa’s growth.

Concrete actions, not only words

In this industry, we need action instead of just nice words, so it’s also good to look at the numbers behind what we do.

Over the past year, the number of Hoiwa’s employees has increased from 400 to almost 2500. A year ago we were only operated in the capital region, but now you can be employed through Hoiwa all over Finland, including Lapland. More than 30 different clients in the public and private sectors rely on our services and on Hoiwa to provide professional and skilled workers when help is needed. Hoiwa’s revenue has also increased from 0.5 million to 4 million in the past year.

The culture of healthcare is changing

We have found that the way we act and publicly discuss problems in the healthcare sector has brought about a positive change in the whole industry. In the past two years, similar companies have entered the market and more and more healthcare providers share our way of thinking. This is nothing but positive and we are honoured to be leading the way on this important mission.

To my delight, I was selected as one of the Health Industry Influencers of 2021. Every year, Mediuutiset selects 100 influencers in the health industry and to my great honour, I received a nomination in the “Arjen parantajat” category. It is things like this that further strengthen our belief that we are doing the right thing.

A happy employee is our best business card

Leveraging digitalisation and platform economy is essential for us to be able to organise the ever-growing team at Hoiwa in an agile manner. The system we use makes it easy to choose shifts and we are actively improving and developing the platform. On top of that, we have worked hard since the beginning to increase our visibility. We want existing and future members of the Hoiwa family to feel confident that we can do things better.

I want to help my clients by providing them with skilled and knowledgeable healthcare professionals even on an urgent schedule. In this short time we’ve already gotten many notable clients to serve. I strongly believe that our appreciation for our own employees is positively conveyed to the experiences we give our clients. A healthy and well-doing employee is motivated and resilient.

As I mentioned earlier, in this industry it’s the actions that matter. Without diligent, skilled and resilient members of the Hoiwa family, we would not be where we are today. Our most effective advertising campaign and business card are our employees, who offer their best skills in the field, and who show through their everyday actions that they matter and are cared for. It has been a pleasure to see that we are often contacted by both clients and potential new hires through referrals.

Hoiwa’s journey is still just beginning

We are happy with what we have already achieved, but it is not enough for us. There is still a lot of work to be done and the falling numbers of healthcare professionals threatens the whole healthcare sector. Where can we find new, skilled and resilient workers?

Our aim is to continue fighting for better working conditions and wages and to take the healthcare sector in a concretically more humane direction. Actions are needed now and not “in a while”. For Hoiwa, this means significant growth in the future too. To support this growth, we will bring investors into our business, enabling us to better continue our fight for the future of the healthcare industry.

With best regards
Fadumo Ali
Founder and CEO, Hoiwa

Fadumo Ali, Founder and CEO, Hoiwa


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